BODY PAINT AND COLLISION REPAIR – Doctor Auto Clinic (The Art of Car Body Paint)

Doctor Auto Clinic (Car Body Paint Specialist) – With Glasurit 90Line Waterborne Color System, the same color grade as being used in the World Top-Brand Car’s factories, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Repairing Tools, and Qualified Technicians and Mechanic Teams, Doctor Auto Clinic is more than ready to repair all of our customer’s beloved Super Cars with the repair standard equal to or higher than the factory repair standard.

On the Collision Repair section, Doctor Auto Clinic professionally uses Universal JIG with 3D Measurement Tools on the chassis repair and modification tasks to ensure that all of our customer cars are fixed according to the original (factory) body-alignment specification. With all of qualifications being said above, we give three year full warranty to our customers on both color quality and chassis alignment.

Apart from the service aspect, Doctor Auto Clinic also has the spare part department to move parts (for Super Cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, etc.) coming from all over the world to repair our customer’s cars. This spare part service differentiates Doctor Auto Clinic from other workshops that cannot source the spare parts for the customers.