COMPLETE TUNED CAR – Imports and Sales

Apart from our expertise in Body Paint Repair, Service and Maintenance, and Tuning / Modification, Doctor Auto Clinic is also specialized in importing, so called Limited Edition, car. In our Meaning, Limited Edition car can be classified into two types. First type is the Limited Edition car that is manufactured from the Factory at a limited number of units. The second type is the complete tuned car from well-known aftermarket motorsport companies / teams from all around the world.

By selling the tuned car to the customer, Doctor Auto Clinic always asks the tuner to certify the car with the certain type of standard; for example, TUV in Germany. This certification is to ensure the customer on the reliability and roadworthy condition of the car after tuning. In addition, the aftermarket motorsport companies / teams that tune the car will be required by Doctor Auto Clinic to issue the certificate of origin of that tuned car to the customer as well.